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Reviews and Prices for the Best Background Check Services, Companies, and Advanced Searches.

WeBackgroundCheck.com seeks to provide a simple snapshot of the top background checks available online. There are now over 70 advanced options to choose from, so we have listed only the best rated companies. Click here to find out more about the criteria we use to review each service. Please continue to support us by using our links to start your searches and remember all sites are free to use until you request report delivery! Thanks as always!  – wBC Crew

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find best background companiesBeen Verifiedpersons  documen criminal recordphone$9.944.5 Stars
Best Background Check Companies Reviews
search most advanced background checksInstant Checkmatepersons  documen criminal recordphone$9.864.5 Stars
Best Background Check Companies Reviews
best background check site onlinepeoplesmart2 background check best service reviewspersons  documen criminal recordphone$9.954.5 Stars
Best Background Check Companies Reviews
4People Finderspersons  documen criminal recordphone$19.954 Stars
Best Background Check Companies and Services
5Spokeopersons  documen criminal recordphone$14.853.5 Stars
Best Background Check Companies and Services
persons  documen criminal record     $19.953 Stars
Read Our Review
persons  documen criminal record     $19.953 Stars
Read Our Review
persons  documen criminal record     $9.953 Stars
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How does WBC review and define the best background check services and companies.

In simple terms they are websites that make it easy and secure to obtain all available records on a certain person or persons. These checks are traditionally administered by a local agency for large fees, but can now be administered by online background check companies. These private firms issue bulk Background checks to thousands of customers also looking for people, criminal history, and other costly public and private records. Results of a background check depend on the available data which varies based on the origin of the information as well as the type of record. We only review and list the best background check services we found to be safe and secure.


How do w determine if a companies service is safe and secure?

All of the companies listed on We Background Check carry the TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal TRUSTe CP, signifying their privacy policy and operational practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance. This mainly pertains to the ability to anonymously provide their services, including the collection of data, with no discrimination or partisanship. WeBackgroundCheck.com only recommends companies that have operated for greater then six years with a proven track record of consistent and trustworthy business. We have added and subtracted from our site as we have determined only the top of the crop. We also review every visitor’s grievance report about each website listed on WeBackgroundCheck.com. This gives an overall picture of services and the accompanying safety an online company provides.

What types of information do advanced Background Checks contain?

Obviously, different searches will return different amounts of data. The most intense of reports from the best background check companies can present birth & death certificates, marriage & divorce papers, address histories, current and previous phone numbers, email addresses, property ownership, as well as different kinds of licenses. Reports on persons with criminal history will present entire personal records including: arrest records, felonies, sex offender records, DUI stops, bankruptcies, evictions, misdemeanors and various other lawsuits. The best background check site online can provide a large amount of data, but price increases as the quantity of information does as well.

What kind of records can I find?

Each reporting company presents different amounts of data. It is recommended to obtain “Full” reports for persons with extensive history in any of these categories. Employment screening services usually require one of these “full reports” to capture the entire history of a potential employee. These types of background checks are required to go through FRCA compliant sites which you may find in best background check reviews.

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To find the most thorough background reviews, you can look to many different portals online. However, not all sites given an honest breakdown of price, service, and what to expect when dealing with service providers in the background check realm. Many of the sites reviewing the best background check services only skim the surface on what a real repeating customer may experience.

At webackgroundcheck.com, We have seen the best, worst, and everything in between. We know the person background check industry. We know the top practices and the danger areas for all practices that are standard. I will admit, personally I was duped by a few websites we recommended at our start-up, however the were very short to stick around. It becomes obviously clear when a company provides a half ass service or something lesser then what you paid for. The best way to guarantee results, is buying going with the best background check reviews that come from real people and users of these programs.


          Disclaimer: weBackgroundCheck.com is an independent third-party service. We are not owned or associated by any company, program or service presented throughout our website. Background Checks, Criminal Reports, Public Records, People Finders, Reverse Phone Look ups and any other service presented are not guaranteed to any standard or success by weBackgroundCheck.com. In accordance with United States Federal Law, consumer reporting agencies must be in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA, 15 USC 1681 et seq.) in regards to the collection and dissemination of consumer information. Please be advised, not all services presented on weBackgroundCheck.com are within FCRA guidelines for background checks performed in regards to commercial decisions .

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